Public transport is a basic right and the Canadians deserve a safe and reliable mode of mobility.
The public transport data sparsity from our previous article led to our attempt in finding more answers using heatmaps to zoom in to the limited data we have.
Here's how we familiarised ourselves with the public transport people counting data set we received.
The Doha Metro snaking through the city. The world class facility was opened in 2019 in good time before the country hosts the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
The country’s development plans including public transport are guided by the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030), the state’s blueprint for national growth.
Public transport in Nigeria today is characterized by traffic congestion, parking problems, accidents, and environmental pollution.
The Paris Metro. French cities charge a transport tax used to fund infrastructure projects and run operations. {Image Source: Stephen Alvarez/National Geographic}
Did you know that French cities collect a transport tax? Here's a look at public transport in France.
Traffic leaves San Francisco at the beginning of the 4th of July holiday weekend on June 30, 2006 in San Francisco, California. {Image Source: David Paul Morris via Getty Images}
Why is the USA so far behind its economic peers including China, Japan, Germany, the UK, France, and Canada as far as public transport is concerned?
Commuters at Bara Taxi Rank in Soweto, South Africa. {Image Source: News24}
It is safe to state that South African commuters are clearly unhappy with public transport service quality. Here's why.
The N700S Shinkansen. The high-speed train runs on the Tokaido and San'yō Shinkansen lines. It is operated by JR Central and JR West. {Image Source: Japan Rail Pass}
Is the Japanese public transport system really the best in the world? This article seeks to interrogate this claim.
The rising public transport demand can cost time, sanity and safety to left-behind passengers.