Everything you need to know about NoSQL, a type of database design that offers more flexibility than traditional databases.
ZooKeeper is an open-source Apache project that provides a centralized service for providing configuration over large clusters in distributed systems
There are many types of data structures out there that are meant to store data in different ways. One of them is called a graph.
An improved architecture and enthusiastic user base are driving uptake of the open-source web tool.
This article will offer you a clear grasp of the drilling process, how to install it and its other activities on your system.
Introduction The term solar energy should be quite common; it represents the direct energy produced by […]
NoSQL Databases have four distinct types. Key-value stores, document-stores, graph databases, and column-oriented databases...
Egypt’s transport network has been developed by well off people who own cars; hence it is biased to suit their needs. But how about public transport?
Research shows that, even if public transport were provided in Saudi Arabia, wealthier families would still prefer to drive.
Ukraine’s public transport infrastructure is in such bad shape that it has difficulties meeting the economy’s everyday needs.