Is it really good to have bike-friendly cities and how do we get them? Let's find out in this article.
This article looks at the identification of public transport routes that tend to have recurring delays.
Is the fear of Covid-19 infections in public transport really justified? What is the likelihood that someone will get infected in public transport?
Here's an introduction to a data-driven solution we've been working on: Fahrbar.
This article goes through the topic of demand analysis for public transport routes.
This article dives into multimodal transport and routes that make or break multimodal transport.
Water management is no stranger to Big Data implementation. So, what are the first-, second- and third-party data for water management?
Here is a brief introduction for beginners like you to know about data marketplaces.
To anyone who doesn't know about the Internet of Things (IoT), here is a short beginners' guide to IoT.
Big Data has the potential to improve the world through sustainability practices. Here are ten use cases for achieving sustainability through Big Data.

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