Covid-19: Top 13 Worst Affected Countries Worldwide

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The recovery of the Coronavirus pandemic is of immense importance for the health of the world’s economy. Therefore, it is crucial to know the Covid-19 recovery progress of different countries by using Data Science. A question asked often is: Which countries worldwide are currently the most heavily affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus? We take a look at the Covid-19 Data Science analytics to identify and list down the current 13 worst affected Covid-19 countries. 

Identifying the worst affected Covid-19 countries worldwide

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More than 8.1 million people have been confirmed to have the Covid-19 Coronavirus around the world. Although countries across the globe are continuing to give their best efforts at fighting off the virus, it still continues to pose an immense threat to the health and economic stability of the world, even after more than seven months of its existence.

We utilize Time Series Data Analysis and take a look at the Covid-19 data analytics to identify which countries are currently facing the hardest numbers in battling the virus.

This is done by breaking down the analysis by each major region of the world; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Under each region category, you will find listed the top 3 worst affected Covid-19 countries in that specific region.

Country performance is rated on an “Activepercent” scale of 0 to 100; a rating of 0 indicating the location being completely free of the virus and a rating of 100 – the highest possible score in terms of impact severity, indicating that the location is critically affected by the Coronavirus. Active percent = (Infected-Recovered-Death)/(Maximum Infections of the country ever)

If you want to learn how to do this yourself; take a look at our write up on Covid-19 Recovery Analysis Example and Big Data Analytics: The Solution for Covid-19 Airline Recovery.

The following data iunera presents showcases the worst affected countries currently and not historically (16.06.2020).

Although some nations not listed have seen higher numbers, they are not listed here as their progress is improving and they are no longer in the peaks of the outbreak but are on the path to recovery.

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Egypt – one of the most treasured and historically rich tourist spots in the world which was slower to react in terms of imposing lockdown is unfortunately now struggling to get the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic under control. Back in late March, the nation recorded the first case of death caused by Covid-19 in the African continent.

Egypt - top worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
Egypt – Covid-19 data analytics

The total number of confirmed cases in Egypt is 46,289. Out of this, the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph reports the Recovered number of cases to be 12,329, the number of deaths is 1672 and Activecases are at 32,288 and rising.


The most populous country in Africa with a count of 195.9 million citizens (2018) as well as the biggest economy in the region, Nigeria happens to be another worst affected Covid-19 country in the African region.

Nigeria - top worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
Nigeria- Covid-19 data analytics

The Activepercent of the country stands at 100 points, with a total number of 16,658 confirmed cases. The daily Activecases have continued to rise with a total of 424 recorded Deaths and 5349 Recovered cases as of 16th of June 2020.


Testing more than 160,000 samples, Ghana has one of the highest per capita testing rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Ghana’s contact tracing measures also identified that a single worker at a fish factory was able to infect a number of 533 co-workers with the Coronavirus – showcasing the severity of the infectious rate.

Ghana - top worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
Ghana – Covid-19 data analytics

Ghana has the lowest number of Confirmed and Activecases on the list – however, it is relatively still one of the worst affected countries in Africa. The country has a total number of 11,964 Confirmed cases; 4258 of them are Recovered cases, 55 deaths – a relatively lower number and 7562 are Activecases.



The USA which is speculated to have contracted the virus as far back as January still continues to face challenges taming the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus as more Americans have now died from the Coronavirus than those who were killed in World War I.  The civil protests and tension sparked recently may now contribute to further increasing the risk and challenges of combating the virus according to experts.

USA - worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
USA – Covid-19 data analytics

With the highest number of Confirmed cases worldwide of over a staggering 2 million, the Activepercent of the USA stays high at 100 points. The graph displays an Activecases number of 1.42 million, 116,127 deaths and a Recovery score lagging behind at 576,334. According to the demonstrated numbers and trajectory, it may take a while before the USA sees any noteworthy improvements.


The South American nation Brazil faces a dreadful fight as the second-worst affected Covid-19 country worldwide with its healthcare system near the brink of collapse. The Activepercent stands unwavering at 100 points as infection rates soar within the country.

Brazil - top worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
Brazil – Covid-19 data analytics

The dip observed in the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph is due to when the country stopped publishing official numbers for a brief time. With a total of 888,271 Confirmed cases – the country unfortunately also suffers the second-highest death toll worldwide of a devastating 43,959 Death count. A number of 477,709 cases have recovered while 366,603 cases remain as Activecases.


Peru faces a serious crisis with Covid-19 infection rates mounting as the country’s resources continue to be stretched with its economy – one of the strongest in Latin America over the last decade, having taken a turn for the worst by sinking 40% amidst the lockdown measures.

Peru - top worst affected by Covid-19 countries worldwide. Covid-19 data analytics
Peru – Covid-19 data analytics

Getting into the numbers; Peru’s Covid-19 Data Analytics and progress lands the country at an Activerpecent sum of 100 points. Out of the 232,992 confirmed cases, 119,409 have Recovered, 6860 Deaths have occurred and 107,723 Activecases remain.



India remains to be the worst affected Covid-19 country in Asia with an Activepercent of 100 points. The second most populated nation in the world faces a hard battle ahead against terminating the spread of the virus among its population of 1.35 billion citizens.

India – Covid-19 data analytics

The Covid-19 Data Analytics dashboard graph shows the status of the 343,091 Confirmed cases; 180,013 Recovered, 9900 Deaths and 153,178 Activecases present as of the 16th June 2020.


Recent sources state that Pakistan’s healthcare system is under immense pressure as the country’s Covid-19 cases continue to erupt. Another source reports that the country’s recent decision to ease the lockdown has also not boded well, with the positive testing cases seeing a percentage spike in the period that followed.

Pakistan – Covid-19 data analytics

As of 15th June 2020, Pakistan has a number of 148,921 Confirmed cases; 56,390 patients have Recovered, 2839 have been Deaths and 89,692 remain as Activecases.

Saudi Arabia

As the country’s Covid-19 severity continues to rise, Saudi Arabia fights hard to retain control. The rising numbers have the country now contemplating the scaling back or calling off the Hajj pilgrimage this year for the first time in its modern history.

Saudi Arabia – Covid-19 data analytics

The country currently has 132,048 Confirmed cases and stands at an Activepercent of 100 points. There have been 87,890 Recoveries, 1011 deaths and there are 43,147 Activecases presently.



Russia’s numbers stay high currently as the country works hard to implement rigorous measures of mass testing which has identified many cases with mild or no Coronavirus symptoms.

Russia – Covid-19 data analytics

The data demonstrated shows the status of the 536,484 Confirmed cases; 284,021 are Recovered cases, 7081 Deaths – a considerably low per cent, and a remaining 245,382 Activecases.


Reports state that Belgium’s fight against Covid-19 has left it’s healthcare workers exhausted. Experts warn that if a second wave of the Coronavirus were to occur, it could prove grievous for the country’s health care system.

Belgium currently holds an Activepercent of 100 points and has registered a total of 58,855 Confirmed cases. The Covid-19 Data Analytics graph shows that 16,625 cases have Recovered, 9663 patients have died and 33,567 cases still remain as Activecases.


As the number three spot in the European category, we have both Sweden and the United kingdom.

This is due to the fact that although both countries have some of the highest reported cases in the region, there is no reliable data available on the Recovery cases of both countries. This makes it a bit harder to determine the exact rate of severity currently present and no Activepercent can be calculated. In this case, you the reader can be the judge with the analytics given below.

Sweden/UK – Covid-19 data analytics

The Covid-19 data analytics of both countries show that Confirmed case numbers are 299,600 (UK) and 53,383 (Sweden) while the Death counts of both countries are 42,054 (UK) and 4949 (Sweden) – a notably higher percentage rate for Sweden. Given the high number of Confirmed cases making the UK the fifth highest and Sweden the 25th highest in the world, is what earned these two countries their spot on this list.


According to the Covid-19 Data Analytics, The Oceania region seems to be performing very well in terms of Covid-19 recovery.

Hence why there are no countries listed as worst-performing under this category, because there is none. Good work Oceania!

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