Covid-19: Top 15 Best Recovering Countries Worldwide

Written by Natasha

Good news – In the midst of all the chaos ensuing across different parts of the world, here’s some good news for you today.

We’ve identified and listed down the top best performing Covid-19 recovery countries. Although a second wave of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is a possibility, for now, these are the countries showing the best results and hope for a Coronavirusfree Christmas.

We hand-picked these Coronavirus recovery countries for this article. Alternatively, a scientific ranking of all countries and their Covid-19 recovery can be found here.

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Identifying the top best performing Covid-19 recovery countries

It has been roughly 7 months since the Covid-19 Coronavirus first reared its head. The virus has since then made its way around the globe, leaving its mark in every country. Ultimately, the hard part will follow when the northern hemisphere will enter the Covid-19 winter with plenty of social distancing challenges.

However, not every country has been affected equally and the current status and progress of each country also vary from one another, in some instances to great extent.

We utilize Time Series Data Analysis and take a look at the Covid-19 data analytics to identify which countries are close to a full recovery.

We do this by breaking down the analysis by each major region of the world; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Under each region category, you will find listed the top 3 Covid-19 recovery countries with the best performance.

Country performance is rated on an Activepercent sum scale of 0 to 100; a rating of 0 indicating the location being completely free of the virus and a rating of 100, the highest possible score in terms of impact severity indicating that the location is critically affected by the virus.

If you want to learn how to do this yourself; take a look at our write up on Covid-19 Recovery Analysis Example and Big Data Analytics: The Solution for Covid-19 Airline Recovery.



Tunisia is looking to begin lifting its lockdown and open up the country as the overall country’s Covid-19 progress continues to improve.

Tunisia – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The Activepercent sum of the country is currently 6 points, which has been lowering gradually. With an overall number of 1094 Confirmed cases, the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph shows that Tunisia experienced its peak during 11-04-2020 and 21-04-2020. Since then the progress has improved with 995 Recovered cases, 49 Deaths and 50 Activecases on 15th June 2020.


Morocco’s Covid-19 recovery measures of declaring a state of emergency and imposing strict curfews are starting to pay off as today Morocco is inching closer to a full recovery and looking to re-establish normal country operations soon.

Morocco – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The Covid-19 Data Analytics graph that demonstrates the overall progress of Covid-19 in Morocco showcases that there are 212 Deaths, 784 Activecases and 7096 Recovered cases out of the 8900 confirmed cases as of 13th June 2020. Although there appears to be a slight spike since the 4th of June – Morocco still manages to be one of the top countries most effectively combating the Coronavirus within Africa.


Chad, officially known as the Republic of Chad, a country situated in the North-Central region of Africa has been able to successfully curb the spread of the virus and now scores an Activepercent sum of 15 points.

Chad – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The Covid-19 Data Analytics graph shows the elevation of the Recovery indicator (orange) denoting a count of 711, the demotion of the Activecases indicator denoting a count of 65 and a Death count of 72 persons.



A small island nation with a population of only 71,986 citizens, Dominica joins the list of Covid-19 recovery countries as it has been successful in nipping the virus in the bud by maintaining the number of the confirmed cases below the mark of 20 as of 14th June 2020.

Dominica – Covid-19 Data Analytics

Even though the Covid-19 data analytics graph shows a minor upward spike of the Activecases indicator at the beginning of June with the addition of plus 1 case – the number of active cases has remained low and have continued to decrease for the past two months scoring a low Activepercent sum of 14 points. The current status of the virus in the country as demonstrated in the graph shows a count of 16 Recovered cases, no Deaths and 2 Activecases.


The Eastern Caribbean country with sky blue beaches is another island nation that has managed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus before it reached staggering numbers.

Barbados – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The country maintains an Activepercent sum of 11 which is expected to lower as the country follows its trajectory of falling Activecases. As of 15th of June 2020, out of the 96 number of confirmed cases the graph reports 83 Recovered cases, 7 Deaths and 6 Activecases in total.


The Latin American nation was recently in the news for its touching gesture of turning its closed down Carrasco International airport into a drive-in cinema for citizens to enjoy a fun social distancing movie night in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Despite being one of the countries with a less stern approach to mitigating the virus, Uruguay continues to make strides in the right direction and is on the path of improvement.

Uruguay – Covid-19 Data Analytics

With an Activepercent sum of 13, Uruguay shows to be one of the better-performing countries in the Americas region. The Covid-19 data analytics graph demonstrates the country’s increasingly well-performing progress with Activecases falling to 40, 784 Recovered patients and a 23 Death count.



Cambodia’s placement in this list as one of the best performing Covid-19 recovery countries can be credited to the fact that the country acted fast and responsibly from the start by laying down strict measures to limit the spread of the virus.

Cambodia – Covid-19 Data Analytics

One of the lowest and best scores in the list, Cambodia’s Activepercent sum stands at just 3 points. The graph demonstrates a highly attractive visual; reporting only 3 Activecase, 125 Recovered and no Deaths.


Climate, customs, public cooperation, efficient government, – these are but some of the debated factors that could have led to the Covid-19 success story of Thailand. Whatever it may be, it is no doubt that Thailand is now one of the best Covid-19 recovery countries around the world.

Thailand – Covid-19 Data Analytics

With a healthy low Activepercent sum of 6 points, Thailand’s recovery momentum picked up after 13-04-2020 where recovery case numbers surpassed active case numbers. The graph showcasing the data as of 15th June 2020 reports only 89 Activecases, 58 Deaths and 2987 Recovered cases.


Japan was in murky territory during the start of Covid-19, however, the country has now managed to get a firm grip on the situation and has reached a stage of success allowing their famed city Tokyo to enter the third and final stage of re-opening.

Japan – Covid-19 Data Analytics

Reporting an Activepercent sum of 8 points, the country’s success story can be seen in the Covid-19 data analytics graph with the downward journey of the Activecases indicator and the upward journey of the Recovered cases indicator. The country was at a period of peak severity between 21-04-2020 and 11-05-2020 with Activecase numbers climbing as high as 11,969 cases. As of 13th June 2020, Japan has an Activecase number of only 908 patients, 927 Deaths and 15,458 Recovered patients.



Montenegro currently stands at an Activepercent sum of 0, and has reached a point of full recovery from Covid-19. Given the promising results, the government of Montenegro has now begun allowing foreign nationals to enter the country, permitting limited public gatherings and lifting the requirement to wear masks.

Montenegro – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The total number of Confirmed cases in Montenegro was 324 persons. Currently, there are no Activecases and there have been only 9 Deaths with the remaining 315 cases having Recovered.


Now being coined as the perfect getaway from Covid-19, Iceland’s Covid-19 success story is most definitely one of the very best and is one for the books. Boasting an Activepercent Sum of just 1 point; one of the lowest ratings on the Covid-19 recovery countries list and worldwide, the island nation — with a population of 360,000 citizens, has successfully managed to curb the spread of the virus by tackling it with pro-active measure right from the start.

Iceland – Covid-19 Data Analytics

As of 15th June 2020, the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph shows that Iceland has only 4 Activecases, 1794 Recovered cases and 10 Deaths. Iceland’s progress has maintained to be low over a month rendering the country’s recovery status stable.


Nestled within Southeastern Europe, Croatia is another small European nation that is successfully controlling the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic and inching closer to complete eradication soon. The country currently holds an Activepercent sum of 1 point – one of the lowest in the Covid-19 recovery countries list.

Croatia – Covid-19 Data Analytics

Croatia’s key recovery turning point started between the 21st of April 2020 and 1st May 2020, where you can see the overlap and intersection of the Recovered cases and Activecases in the graph. Since then the Activecases have continued to drop and the Recovered cases have continued to rise. Currently, Croatia has 10 Activecases, 107 Deaths and 2134 Recovered cases.



The Pacific nation Fiji has officially declared itself as Coronavirus free. The statement is reflected on the dashboard with Fiji indicating an Activepercent sum of 0 – the lowest possible score. As of 15th June 2020, it has been 55 days since Fiji recorded its last active case. 

Fiji – Covid-19 Data Analytics

Fiji’s progress graph shows that the country only had 18 confirmed cases to this day with all 18 Recovered and 0 Deaths – a truly impressive fleet.

New Zealand

The island country New Zealand has officially kicked Covid-19’s bottoms by completely eradicating the virus from the country. After almost 3 months of heavy protective restrictions, this week the country has declared that social distancing is not required and there are no limits on public gatherings, however, borders still remain closed to foreigners.

New Zealand – Covid-19 Data Analytics

At an Activepercent sum of 0 points, the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph shows the country reached its peak between 01-04-2020 and 11-04-2020. The status of all its 1526 Confirmed cases are as follows; 1482 cases are Recovered, 22 Deaths have occurred and no Activecases remain.


Home to all kinds of dangerous and creepy little critters but also our favourite Kangaroos and Koalas, Australia has had a rough start to the year with having to battle against multiple challenges. Even then, the country has emerged victorious to a great degree at finally mitigating the Coronavirus spread.

Australia – Covid-19 Data Analytics

The country experienced its peak between 01-04-2020 and 16-04-2020 with Activecase numbers reaching 4895 on 05-04-2020. Currently scoring an Activepercent sum of 8 points, Australia’s Covid-19 progress status as of 14th June 2020 shows 7320 confirmed cases of which; 6838 are Recovered cases, 102 have been Deaths and only 380 Activecases remain.

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