Covid-19 Recovery: Countries soon to be fully controlling the Coronavirus

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Every single country worldwide has been affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus. However, not every country has been affected equally. Some countries have performed exceptionally well, some are still affected heavily and then we have the countries that are starting to show improvements; the Covid-19 Recovering Countries. Let’s take a look at the Covid-19 Data Analytics to identify which countries are on the road to controlling the Covid-19 towards a full recovery status. These countries are particularly interesting because control of the Coronavirus means the economies such as airlines bounce back into operations.

Another alternative can be that Coronavirus controlling countries slip into a second wave of the Coronavirus. However, in this article, we focus on the positive outlook and believe the countries will control the Coronavirus till their full recovery.

A man desinfecting the globe. This represents how we humans fight the Coronavirus.
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We’ve identified the Best Performing Covid-19 Countries and the Worst Affected Covid-19 countries. In this article, we utilize Time Series Data Analysis and take a look at the Covid-19 data analytics to identify which countries are currently closing the finish line of having completely controlled and eradicated the Coronavirus from the country.

This is done by breaking down the analysis by each major region of the world; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Under each region category, you will find listed the top Covid-19 controlling countries in that specific region.

Country Coronvavirus control performance is rated on an “Activepercent” scale of 0 to 100; a rating of 0 indicating the location being completely free of the virus and a rating of 100 – the highest possible score in terms of impact severity, indicating that the location is critically affected by the Coronavirus without being in control.

Active percent = (Infected-Recovered-Death)/(Maximum Infections of the country ever)

If you want to learn how to do this yourself; take a look at our write up on Covid-19 Recovery Analysis Example and Big Data Analytics: The Solution for Covid-19 Airline Recovery.

We hope you find this information useful.

Activepercent sum – Severity rating

Activecases – Number of currently active cases

Recovered – Number of Recovered cases

Deaths – Number of Covid-19 related deaths



Djibouti has managed to control the Coronavirus from causing further damage by enacting essential measures of proactive testing, treatments and isolation with contact tracing of positive tested individuals. Just this month, the country further extended its testing measure by launching a mass screening campaign of an additional 50,000 people.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Djibouti
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Djibouti

As visible through the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph, the country’s progress has not been the most consistent. However, the Activepercent sum of the country as of 21st June 2020 stands at 28 points – making it a Covid-19 recovering country, being more and more in control of the Coronavirus.

A total of 45 Covid-19 related deaths have occurred up to date. The Recovered case numbers have climbed up to 3859 cases and Activecase numbers have dropped to 678 cases within the shown timeframe. Continuing on this trajectory will lead the country to a full recovery status sooner than expected.



Earlier this month on the 9th of June, Cuba officially declared Covid-19 as under control within the country. Slower to react to the pandemic at first, Cuba stepped up its game just in time to prevent catastrophe by closing its borders towards the end of March. Presently, Cuba implements some of the sternest Covid-19 containment measure such as having instructed tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and even medical students to “actively screen” all homes in the country – every single day to identify any and all Covid-19 cases.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Cuba
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Cuba

The Covid-19 Data Analytics graph demonstrates a healthy and consistent recovery trajectory for Cuba, earning its place as a top Covid-19 recovering country. The Activepercent sum of the country which was at 100 points during mid to late April has now dropped to just 15 points. The current Activecase number is 124 cases, with 2103 Recovered cases and 85 Deaths.


After three months of lockdown measure, the Bahamas is now seeing positive strides heading towards a full recovery from the Coronavirus. Given the improving progress, the country plans to reopen its borders to foreign travellers on the 1st of July 2020 in an attempt to relaunch its tourism. However, the country remains on a 9pm-5am curfew and all arriving passengers will be required to undergo a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction diagnostic test from an accredited lab to gain entry into the country.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Cuba
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Bahamas

With an Activepercent sum of 29 points, the country has a relatively low number of only 104 total Confirmed cases. There are currently 16 Activecases, 77 Recovered cases and 11 Deaths.



Vietnam’s quick and meticulous response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus has been widely praised for its success in curbing the virus from spreading in a densely populated nation of 97 million citizens.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Vietnam
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Vietnam

As of 21-06-2020, the Covid-19 Data Analytics dashboard showcases that Vietnam has recorded 349 Confirmed cases and not a single Death. The number of Recovered cases are 327, leaving 22 Activecases. This brings the country’s Activepercent sum to 13 points making it a top Covid-19 recovering country.

South Korea

Not so long ago, South Korea held the title of the world’s second-worst Covid-19 outbreak. However, the once virus hotspot is now fast approaching full recovery status.

Unlike many other Covid-19 recovering countries, South Korea’s approach to containing the virus was slightly different. The country at no point imposed any curfews – instead, it focused on a strategy heavily dependent on technology-reliant testing and heavy contact tracing. The strategy paid off and is now a model for countries hoping to lift or avoid further lock-down measures.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - South Korea
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – South Korea

As visible on the Covid-19 Data Analytics graph, the country started seeing signs of significant improvement from late March onwards. Ever since then, the recovery trajectory has been smooth and promising with Recovered cases continuing to rise and Activecases continuing to drop steadily. The current Activepercent sum of South Korea stands at 17 points. Out of the total number of 12,448 Confirmed cases; 10,891 have Recovered, 280 have been Deaths and 1277 Activecases remain.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic was swift and meticulous. The country implemented high testing rates (930 tests per 1 million people), strict curfews and its established healthcare and surveillance system have all contributed towards curbing the spread of the virus, making Sri Lanka the fastest Covid-19 recovering country in the South Asian region.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Sri Lanka
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Sri Lanka

Currently, the country scores an Activepercent sum of 47 points. To date, there have been 1950 Confirmed cases of which; 1498 have Recovered, 11 have been Deaths and 441 cases remain as Activecases.



Within 10 days of identifying its first case, Slovakia went into imposing lockdown measures to curb the virus from spreading any further. As a result of this and many other effective measures imposed, the country is now on the path towards complete recovery and is in the process of lifting its Covid-19 restrictions.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Slovakia
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Slovakia

The country’s Activepercent sum has dropped from 100 points on 23-04-2020 to just 11 points on 21-06-2020. The Covid-19 Data Analytics dashboard reports a number of 1587 Confirmed cases. Currently, there are 1447 Recovered cases, 28 Deaths and 112 Activecases present.


One of the heavier hit countries by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Germany has now begun to see significant improvement in its fight to curb the spread of the virus.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Germany
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Germany

A threat of a second Covid-19 wave is very eminent for Germany. However, if the current progress were to continue, promising results await the country. The Data Analytics graph shows the status of the 191,272 number of Confirmed cases; 174,740 are Recoveries, 8,895 are Deaths and 7637 are Activecases.


During the past week, Hungary officially declared the end of its ‘state of emergency’ and replaced it with the more lenient “state of epidemiological preparedness” due to the country’s Covid-19 progress improving. The country is also thinking ahead and taking precautionary steps as it begins to discuss dealing with a possible second wave.

Covid-19 Recovering Countries - Hungary
Covid-19 Recovering Countries – Hungary

Hungary’s Activepercent sum has been gradually lowering and currently stands at 48 points, earning it a spot as a top Covid-19 recovering country. The country has 4094 confirmed cases as of 21-06-2020. A number of 2589 cases have Recovered, 570 Deaths have occurred and 935 Activecases remain.


All Oceania countries have outperformed the criteria of this list and have been identified in our list of; Covid-19: Top 15 Best Recovering Countries Worldwide.

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