Water management is no stranger to Big Data implementation. So, what are the first-, second- and third-party data for water management?
Big Data has the potential to improve the world through sustainability practices. Here are ten use cases for achieving sustainability through Big Data.
Covid-19 and Big Data have together sparked these trends that we should expect to carry on in 2021 and beyond.
What is the use of Bloom filters, and why are they used?
What can the union of Machine Learning and Data Curation offer? This article will tell.
What is Hadoop, and what can it offer for large scale storage management?
Here's an article about green hydrogen and Big Data's application in producing and using green hydrogen.
Are most businesses actually having a Data Swamp or a Data Lake?
The rise of AI and new advancements in Machine Learning in image recognition, neural network, speech recognition, object detection has accelerated the growth of Artificial Intelligence
Collecting data is no longer a challenge today. Instead, the challenge is in data curation, which we will introduce in this article.

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