The N700S Shinkansen. The high-speed train runs on the Tokaido and San'yō Shinkansen lines. It is operated by JR Central and JR West. {Image Source: Japan Rail Pass}
Is the Japanese public transport system really the best in the world? This article seeks to interrogate this claim.
Subway in Munich, Germany. The country has an efficient public transport system where different modes of transport work cohesively. {Image Source: The Anxious Traveller}
The German public transportation system is efficient, reliable, fast, and comfortable. What's Germany's secret recipe?
Heavy traffic in Brazil. Rapid urbanization in the country has led to a squeeze in the country's public transport facilities in cities. {Image Source: World Nomads}
Brazil, just like any other country in South America, has witnessed rapid urbanization. This has an implication on transport, particularly public transport.
Residents of Quito, Ecuador traveling in a bus to a common destination
Public transport happens to be right at the heart of professional growth for a huge percentage of people in all countries. So what is public transport?