News – large Update

There were so many things happening and going on in the last weeks/months that we did not have much time to update the blog.  Therefore, this is the catch up post.

We a thrilled to announce that we were invited for a talk about STAPPZ at the ITB Berlin, what is the largest tourism fair of the world. It was such a great fair and so interesting to get to meet so many great people there.

See the talk at slideshare:


Furthermore, we were mentioned at NTV online. It is a major German news provier and we are totally thrilled about it. See the German site here:

Wow – we also got featured printed (3/2016) and online in Computer Bild what is one of the largest computer magazines in Germany. See one of their online recommendations here:

Since STAPPZ is a travel tool, a great story is that we got mentioned in the Loney Planet Traveler – it is “Lonely Planet Traveller 27”. You can order the magazine directly on their website:

If you want a personal perspective with a voice interview about STAPPZ, a radio interview of me (Tim) and Jürgen Drensek (Honored President of the German association of travel journalists) is online available.


In addition various bloggers wrote articles about STAPPZ. Thereby, I see  the article of Maja as noteworthy, beacuse she did so great pictures and put so much effort in it. Even if you cannot read German – just the pictures make it worthwhile looking. Check it here: DSC06705 (1)


In order to cover more parts of the world, Rea in Lisbon/Portugal creates her own STAPPZ app of the wonders she discovers.

Likewise, Nimrodelat covers the former German captial, Bonn:

The great thing is that Rea and Nimrodelat use the embedded STAPPZ webmap to display their findings. I really appreciate that we did this together here and that we were able to do test the embedded map agian. What I liked most is the personal contact and feedback to both. The openess and the social interaction with our users always makes me always very happy.


What I always like is when we get covered in our home region and people write about us there. There is a culture magazine, called INKA, in Karlsruhe. They did a great article about STAPPZ

Here is the epaper:
And here the online article:


Last but not least, I want to mention an interview of a new German online Magazine for freelancers and startups. David Merz just started the venture and I wish him the best of luck for his endavours. I appreciate it so much when people create something on their own online and just try to enrich the world.


There was much more going on the last time and I tried to put the most importnat things into this post. I hope I did not forget something 🙂